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the revolution


This is the short version of the website - a 2 minute read that can change your life!

The full version is here if you need it.

The Now reality

The world is run on hierarchical systems.

Power is concentrated in those few people at the top who make the rules.

The bottom many - whose cumulative intelligence and creativity are exponentially higher - are essentially powerless.

There is broad agreement that

  • the status quo is broken

  • humanity is headed down a dangerous and unsustainable path

  • and that young people and future generations can look forward to a difficult future.

But there is little agreement on how to create an alternative - a future focused on peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all.

That’s why we need a revolution.

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The Revolution


We the people, reinventing the rules to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all.


Love, Fun, Together


  • you need to be at least 14 years of age

  • be willing to act with love (there’s no peace without love)

  • be wiling to take a risk and go somewhere you’ve never been before.

There are 2 phases: change your game and then change the game.

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phase 1: empow*r u!


  • Self-explanatory


  • for you to have the tools, skills and assets to claim your power and own your future

  • for you to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for yourself

Consists of

  • personal development, technology, systems reinvention and business programs

  • experience creating a software platform

  • experience reinventing real world systems

  • experience creating a global organization (NUKO)

  • receiving ownership of it all


  • one payment of $21; or

  • 9 monthly payments of $3

  • $2 per person donated to to help protect children in war zones.

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phase 2: NUKO


  • To spread the POW philosophy, and the means to achieve it, around the world.


  • Zero - automatically included (you own it!)

consists of

  • actively reinventing major systems throughout the world in support of POW

  • creating incentives for leaders to support POW

  • actively managing and growing Empow*r U!


For you personally

  • to live an empowered life in control of your destiny

  • to experience POW in all that you do

For you collectively

  • to influence world leaders to support POW

  • to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for humanity as a whole

  • to win the Nobel Peace Prize

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what kind of world do you want?

If you really want a world where there is peace, people are kinder towards each other and the future is bright, (the POW Reality!), then the POW*R Revolution is, right now, the only way we’ll get there.

There’s no time to lose - the rules won’t reinvent themselves and the people who benefit from the status quo are in no hurry to do it. It’s up to us.

Join now! The more people who do, the brighter the future we create.

Use the menu for more information. To join, click any of the orange buttons.